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    Space has always amazed humanity to the point where they even reached up to the heavens and landed on the moon. It has even pushed their curiosity to the point of questioning is there other life out there like us? What would they look like and they be friend or the downfall of man? For one high school student Derek MacTire who was born with a set of unique abilities like no has ever seen is about to find out if life really exists beyond our solar system.

“School bell ringing”

Clearance yells out “Derek MacTire! your ass is dead!”

While Derek is running down the hall trying to get away from these typical school bullies.


Derek says “look guys I figured you liked eating your lunches in slim so I figured…”


Derek gets slammed into the lockers Clearance the typical Leader of the numskulls of the school bullies.

Clearance leans in and asks “Oh you think you’re a hero huh? Trying to save that pipsqueak james?”

Derek replies “Well someone’s gotta stand up to you guys and plus he didn’t deserve to have you guys hang him by his underwear on the corner of the door”

Clearance’s goon squid lets go of Derek’s arms while Clearance walks back sniveling like a slob. Then Clearance whines up for a punch but then out nowhere, a hand cuts between the goons and catches the punch.

Pissed, wondering who dares interfere with the “king of the school” clearance looks over and see Derek’s older brother Peter MacTire. Clearances eyes widen like he saw a ghost.

Peter say’s “so what have you gotten yourself into this time little brother”

Derek looks down not answering his older brother like he was ashamed of what he did. Peter turns to Clearance and asks him “So I take it you’re Clearance? My little brother here has told me all about you and your nice little friends here”

Clearance replies “he, he has?”

Peter replies back “oh sure including about all the fun you guys been having here at school”

Clearance gulps in fear and says “um yes sir we were um just messing around… like good old pals”

Peter laughs as if it was a joke and then looks dead into Clearances eyes with a cold dark stare and replies. “So you weren't about to smash my little brothers face into this locker right?” as he is still continuously staring at Clearance like a hawk, waiting for a correct answer. Clearance mumbles his answer like a child after they did something wrong.

“What was that? I could hear you with all that mumbling you’re doing” Peter replies.

“No sir, wouldn't think of it sir” as Clearances speaks up is if he was being interrogated like a criminal on a typical cop drama show.

“So how about you three” Peter looks over toward the rest of Clearances goons with the same dead stare that put their “mighty” leader in a state of fear. All at once they replied yelling like their lives depended on it “No sir! We wouldn't think of it either!”

“OK then I suggest all of you leave now or I’m about to be arrested for beating up high school students who don’t know how to respect others” Peter replies.

As the goon squad runs away as if being chased by a tiger Derek tries to sneak off and then Peter grabs his right shoulder and says “Not you little brother“. In a quick reaction Derek knocks Peter’s hand off in a fit of anger and yells “I could’ve token care of myself you know? I could’ve just zapped them with a little lightning and scared them off including putting them in their place!!!” Peter nods his head in disagreement and responds “I know you could’ve token care of yourself but you know you have to keep your powers hidden” “if someone would find out you have these abilities; Their going to send people after you and our family.”  Peter sighs and continues to say “look I know you wanna help people Derek but right now the world isn't ready for your kind yet”.

In another fit of anger Derek yells at Peter replying, “My kind? MY KIND? What… freaks?” As Peter Looks at Derek he responds “you’re not a freak bro, you’re my little brother, you are like everyone else but with rad powers” jokingly trying to lift Derek’s spirits up and to calm him down.

As their drive home closes to an end a flash of light fills the sky. Peter and Derek are at awe, wondering what it is. Then like a fiery ball from hell itself lands in a field of grass and trees near where Peter and Derek are driving. Peter stops the truck and Derek jumps out to see what it was as Peter is trying to yell “Derek get back in the truck! We don’t know what it is!”

Derek doesn't listen to Peter and kept on running toward the crater in which it landed in.

As Peter sighs and says “That damn kid is gonna get me killed one day” and starts running with him to also see what it was.

To Be Continued


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